letting go

Since going public with Mesoloft, we have been inundated with requests about our services. Naturally, pragmatic things take precedence. How? When? Where?

Something that caught us a little off guard, however, have been the many stories we’ve heard from people about letting go. Some have made the decision that one final flight into the stratosphere is symbolically fitting. But whether or not you choose to use Mesoloft, today we thought we’d compile a short list of the ways letting go can help. 

1) Letting go doesn’t mean leaving. It doesn’t mean forgetting. You’ll always have the good memories of that important life, which can never be taken away. 

2) We’re in far less control than we think. That acknowledgement alone can help ease the pain of losing someone you loved. The American mythologist Joseph Campbell said that we need to let go of the life we may have planned or hoped for in order to see the life that is waiting for us.

3) We’ve been told that the idea that of internment in the stratosphere means that in a real sense your loved one really is overhead. In the case of Mesoloft’s services, that idea is literally true. Our modeling shows that cremated remains will remain aloft for extended periods of time. In other cases some remains will return to Earth as the nucleus of rain drops or snow. Some have said that those facts alone are a source of healing.   

4) A Mesoloft flight, like any memorial service, is a way to be in the moment so that that special relationship can be remembered fully. Letting go means developing an understanding of the life being memorialized rather than powering through the hurt. Letting go doesn’t require strength. It requires meaning.  

5) Find someone else to confide in. Whether it’s a spouse or significant other, a family member, a close friend, or a clergy member, a trusted partner can help you begin the process of letting go. And of course, if you’re feeling overwhelmed you may want to seek the help of a professional counselor. Just talking out loud can help lessen the hurt and bring meaning and a newfound awareness to what you’re feeling.

If you believe Mesoloft’s services may be right for you, have a look at our website at mesoloft.com. We invite your questions.

We are pioneers with a purpose.