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taking ashes to the edge of space...

Mesoloft makes it possible to honor the dream and memory of your departed loved one by lifting the cremated remains of a beloved family member into the magnificent beauty of near space, almost fifteen miles above our planet. Once released, they will soar and drift in the upper reaches of the earth's atmosphere for weeks and months circulating the globe. 

They would find our services offered them exactly what they desired: a way to fulfill their natural role in the cycle of life.

returning to earth

Over time the ashes will return to earth, settling on mountain tops, desert dunes, oceans, lakes, and rivers.

As ashes ride these wind currents, they are naturally and gently returned to the planet's surface. Some will pass through clouds, returning to the surface of the planet in the form of raindrops or snowflakes as water vapor condenses on the particles of ash.

In launching and dispersing your loved one's ashes into the winds at the upper reaches of the Earth's atmosphere, it's as if you've asked the world to acknowledge and celebrate their life. You've invited all who live here to share your sorrow and feel your joy. You've not simply scattered their cremated remains to be co-mingled with the ground of a single much-loved place; you've returned their ashes to the loving embrace of the planet itself. 

You'll discover the comfort of knowing your love one is literally everywhere around you. No matter where you go and what wonderful sights you see; you'll be warmed by the knowledge they too are there.

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