Mesoloft Introduces New 360-Degree Camera to Capture the Ultimate Send-Off

We are excited to announce a new offering to our customers, a 360-degree view of our scatterings. The camera will us to capture the scattering of ashes like never before. Customers will now be able to experience an immersive, 360-degree panoramic view as the ashes of a loved one or pet are gently lifted almost 15 miles above Earth’s surface, before being released into the atmosphere, where the Earth’s winds will carry and scatter the remains across the globe. The videos can then be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube for customers to share with friends and family.

"To be able to offer a more personal and interactive experience to our customers is incredible," says Co-Founder Alex Clements. "Our hope is that customers will feel like they are up there with their loved one for one last journey.”

Customers will also receive a custom-branded Google Cardboard headset to experience the 360-degree videos as virtual reality.

Mesoloft is currently preparing for its Summer Launch Campaign, with multiple launches scheduled in the Bend, Oregon area this August. The company plans to release new content from its summer launches on its website as well as on Facebook.

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