New Prices, Packages, and Launch Dates

The biggest news we are announcing is the dates and locations for our next Launch Campaign. Our next round of launches will be taking place January 15th-21st near Pueblo, Colorado. As of right now there are only 3 spots remaining! If you are interested in booking a Mesoloft launch now is the time to act. You can receive a $500 discount on either the Standard or Memorial Launch Package using this LINK. We will only be launching a limited number of customers until our next campaign in late spring/early summer. 

You are probably asking yourselves "what is a launch campaign?" Basically, due to the unpredictability of weather and more importantly the ever shifting winds at the edge of the atmosphere we have found performing launches in batches to be the most effective way to ensure reliability. This allows us to give our customers a launch date and location much further in advance. Each customer's launch is their own, a batch simply means we launch multiple individual balloons on the same day so that the balloons have similar flight paths (they land close together). This allows us to ensure our customers the prompt recovery of the videos of their loved one's ashes being released and scattered. In the video below you can see an example of the flight path of one our balloons from our announced launch location in Colorado. 

Lastly, we are excited to announce a restructuring of our pricing as well as announcing a new launch package. The new package we are announcing is called the Memorial Package ($5,250) which includes everything from our Standard Pack in addition to:

  • A Commemorative Photo Album, with select still photos from the launch and release
  • A Personalized Memorial Video, which can include customer provided pictures and videos in addition to footage from the launch and release of ashes 
  • A Blog Post, this will be posted on our website and written as memorial by one of our staff writers

We think these new items will really help the friends and families memorialize their loved one's and remember the unique way in which their ashes were scattered. As with all videos produced during our launches the videos can be provided privately or publicly whichever is the families desire.